Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sage by Fleur Couture

Hey everyone!
So I bet you are all wondering what this blog is for.  Right?  Sage by Fleur Couture is a stardoll fashion line done completely in graphics.  Just like Dioguardi Couture, the original fashion line for stardoll.

About a week ago my friend (crystality) and I (hco-hottie23) decided to come up with a fashion line.  After deciding on a name, we came up with this blog.  Our goal is to release our first collection Summer 2011.  We still have so much to do, and we would love your help!  You can apply to be our media partner, a model for the collection, or even a graphic designer.  We also have a surprise competition coming up after we have 50 followers.  I'm pretty sure everyone will love it!


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