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Here you can apply to be a model for Sage! All you need to do is fill out this application and leave it under comments:

***You MUST be a follower to apply***
Real name:
Stardoll name:
Your personal style:
Why you want to model for SFC:



  1. Melanie
    Currently hosting a modelling competition and I'm in 6 cycles and have not been eliminated.
    I'm inspired by the fashionistas around me,I perfect what I see.I personally love Lady Gaga because she is different and she sort of combines the Gothic,happy,pink and girly style all in one dress!Or outfit!
    I would like to be model because it's always been my dream,and I want to have a first shot at being a model for a magazine for once in my Stardoll Life.


  2. Real name: Sierra

    Stardoll name: iswim19

    Age: 14

    Email: mail me on stardoll.

    Findurlove's Vanity Models Cycle 2
    AislinVictory's Legend Models Cycle 2
    Liajm's MTM Cycle Judge
    LonnaLang's CNTM Cycle 1
    LITE Models Owner

    Your personal style: It really depens on what I want, I can be anything.

    Inspiration: TWIGGY, Agynes Deyn, Coco Chanel, Roberto Cavailler, Donna Karan, Alexander McQueen, Coco Rocha, Alexandria Ambroisio

    Why you want to model for SFC: It sounds like a once in a lifetime experience, and can't wait to see it blossom into a great project.

  3. Name: Mandy

    Stardoll Name: JuicyC2890

    Age: 16

    Email: You can mail me on Stardoll!

    Experience: I have modeled for albulms, been in a few cycles, I own a modeling cycle (

    Your Personal Style: Unique and fun!!

    Inspiration: My outfits are inspired by people I see that are around me. For example, the people I see at school!

    Why You Want To Be A Model For SFC: I think that this line will become very famous and I would love to know that I am apart of it in someway!!

    Thank you for your time!

  4. Name| Caroline

    Stardoll Name| kandykorn2

    Email| You Can Mail Me On Stardoll :]

    Experince| I Have Modeled For GeekableChicka

    YourPersonalStyle| Classy And Fancy

    Inspiration| I'm Inspired By The Looks From All Over The World.

    WhyIWouldLikeToModelForSCF| I Absolutley Love Fashion And This Would Be A Great Opprotunity To Show My Inner Style!


    January 18th, 6:24 PM

  5. Real name: Nicole Jones
    Stardoll name: Tapstar321
    Age: 15
    Email: Private, I will send it to you via inbox if I am chosen.
    Experience: I am a model for Delire, February '11 Red Lips Magazine, and was part of Captured Models through Task 4.
    Your personal style: I love to explore every type of style. Whether it be modern and edgy or vintage and 80's, I love to combine looks and play around with pieces to get a perfect, versatile outfit.
    Inspiration: Many things inspire me. Mostly fashion editorials from magazines like VOGUE and ELLE. Chanel Iman and Karlie Kloss are my favorite models, they inspire me when it comes to fashion.
    Why you want to model for SFC: It looks like a promising brand! I would love to model for it.

  6. Real name:Amie Eve
    Stardoll name:Vessts
    Email: stardoll. xD
    Experience: many.
    Your personal style:grunge, punk, vintage
    Inspiration:the 80's and Kurt Cobain
    Why you want to model for SFC: I think that id be a fabulous model and bring some fun and uniqueness to SFC

  7. Real name:Elizabeth
    Stardoll name:jelizaveta123
    Age:12-soon 13
    -I am miss Stardolll on this blog (FINAL)
    -I was a model for Color magazine
    -I am a model for Rage Magazine ( (change A to i))
    -I am a contestant in cycle 1 in club 100.Rare.Models
    -I am a contestant in cycle 6 in club SNTM.XX
    -I am a contestant in cycle 1 in club RENTM
    -I am in callbacks in club VanityModels
    write here your experience in modeling ;D
    Your personal style:I don`t have a specific life inspires me ;DI like to try different styles
    Inspiration:my life ;D
    Why you want to model for SFC:becouse I want to become a popular model,this would be great experience...I alwas wanted to be a model for a fashion line...I think this is a great idea =D

  8. Real Name: Daniella
    Stardoll Name: purplebabe567
    Age: 10
    Experience: Im writing for
    Your personal Style, colour,crazy,creative,fashionista,unique.
    Inspiration: Beyonce Knowles, Stardoll & Fashion
    Why do you want to be model for SFC: I think i'd be brilliant and also, I'm quite shy most of the time so I wanted to see myself as a model and see if I come out of my shell a little bit, if you know what i mean:)

  9. Real name: Allison
    Stardoll name: Vivaalajuicy
    Age: 13
    Experience: I have participated in several different modelling cycles. I've also been the Covergirl of a few different magazines.
    Your personal style: My style depends on what mood I am in that. But typically I try a mix between classy, edgy, and glam.
    Inspiration: Tyra Banks- I love her!
    Why you want to model for SFC: I feel like it would be a great opportunity for me to express who I am as a model. It would be so fun, as well!

    xoxo Aly

  10. Real name: Kirsten (Or KiKi)
    Stardoll name: sparklewand12
    Age: 18
    Experience: Not much, but I have put in a lot of applications and either haven't been selected or still waiting to hear.
    Your personal style: Girly Chic - I usually wear lots of dresses/skirts wither on their own or with tights/leggings :) And I love pastel shades of colour.
    Inspiration: It depends really, right now it's flowers and blossom as it coming into spring, in the summer it will probably be brights.
    Why you want to model for SFC: Because it seems like a great promising collection, and I'd love it to be added to my list of experience!

    Thanks, hope you consider me,
    Love K xxx

  11. Real name: Anne Morales
    Stardoll name: AnnGurl
    Age: 14
    I was chosen for Delire Couture
    Red Lips Magazine
    Insanely Pretty Magazine
    Your personal style: My style is usually High Fashion and mostly Chic
    Inspiration: My inspiration is Alexander McQueen because he is very creative. He is very an inspiring man.
    Why you want to model for SFC: I want to model for SFC because it sounds like a great project and it would make me get more experience. I also want to be a model because it lets me show that I'm fashionable and creative within me.

  12. Real name:Alexa

    Stardoll name:Alexapie90


    Experience:I am modeling for pucci magazine
    ( i am modeling for a fashion line:

    Your personal style:My style is Bich/Diva sort of style and makeup. You know pouty glossy lips, short skirts, skinnies, tube tops.

    Inspiration: MY inspiration is Ke$ha ;] She shows everyone that its ok to be different and whatever just let people call you a slut as long as you love yourself your ok!

    Why you want to model for SFC:I want to model for SFC because i think it sounds fun and cool ;] I also am enjoying modeling for other stardoll magazines/fashion lines because i got to see the line and i say hey that me! ;]

  13. Real name:Aoife
    Stardoll name:musicqueenxx2
    Experience:So far I really have no experience because I am only starting out in modelling on Stardoll so this is my second application for modelling agencies.
    Your personal style:My personal style changes pretty much everyday!!One day I could be crazy and loud then the next I could be quiet and calm!!
    Inspiration:My inspiration is myself.I like to start my own trends and styles instead of copying a style out of a magazine.
    Why you want to model for SFC:I want to be a model because modelling is my dream and I want to try and follow my dream and this is a place to start!!At a couture line that looks good enough to eat!!

  14. Real name: Chanel Lauren
    Stardoll name: CChanelCrystale
    Age: 14
    Experience: I have participated in several different modelling cycles modelled for albums and scenneries, But nothing big so far.
    Your personal style:I don't have a one style. my style is changed with every moment in my life its showing how Im feeling.
    Inspiration: life... ? haha magazines are good insparations.
    Why you (I) want to be a modell for SFC: It looks like a promising brand! I would like to modell for it because its once in a lifetime experience.


  15. Real name:Sara
    Stardoll name:Connacht
    Experience:i have no modeling expirience
    Your personal style:I have no set style, i dont label myself. Fashion is always changing, as am i and as a model, you need to keep up with changing times. Im a style chameleon u could say:D
    Inspiration:From fashion magazines, i'm a fan of Irsh fashion bible Image and i love Vogue. Also the real life fashion lines of Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and ALexander McQueen and Victoria Beckham really inspire me!
    Why you want to model for SFC:It an exciting project, and I want my modelling dreams to start here.

  16. Real name: Ioana P.
    Stardoll name: Iovanca
    Email: or iovanca15 on skype
    Experience:I really love modeling on Stardoll. I'm a contestant in the following great competitions:
    The Fashion Eye
    Lite Models
    SD's Next Top Role Model
    Pearl Models
    Miss Couture
    I'm also a model for the following magazines:
    Perfection Magazine (
    Mode Magazine (
    Your personal style: Punk-rock and sometimes edgy. But i can always show my feminine side too ;)
    Inspiration: everything! everything i see/ taste/smell/touch! I can find an inspiration in everything.
    Why you want to model for SFC: This seems to be a great project, so why would i miss the chance to model?! it is the ting i love the most when i'm playing stardoll

  17. Real name: Lissy
    Stardoll name: Punky_Lissy
    Age: 20

    Experience: no, but I wish I have:( I would love to model, because I'm on Stardoll now for a veery long time and collected a lot of experience...I have a great blog and I would love to collect "model-experience"

    Your personal style:My Style doesn't really change, because it's always mixed out of different elements from classique, vintage, grunge and dark glamoure

    Inspiration:I'm often ispired by McQueen and especially by some very little designers which are focused on vintage-looks... and music... music inspires me dressing and made up my Doll in so creative and unique ways

    Why you want to model for SFC:It looks like a wonderful Project, I would love to support it and beeing a part of it....

  18. Real name:
    Stardoll name: nikkiiGOESrawr
    Age: 16
    Email: (Future email change.)
    Experience: None yet.
    Your personal style: My personal varies from fierce to...crazy? Haha. I just love Alexander McQueen (Like above said.) And like her, music too. Sometimes other dolls, sometimes fashion magazines, or just a random thought I get.
    Inspiration: Alexander Mcqueen, Christion Dior!! Fierce-ness, music, trends, magazines, other dolls, books, models. I love vintage.
    Why you want to model for SFC: I would love to be a model because I can keep up, I can show what I can do. I'm a perfectionist at heart so It's the perfect job for me.

  19. Real name: Rafael Gergely
    Stardoll name: Rafi101
    Age: 14
    Experience: Modeled for a few clubs, and I was 5th place of "stardoll's next Top Rôle Model"; At the moment I signed up as male model or many magazines, and I still wait to hear from them.
    Your personal style: Causual, Street Style, Comfortable, simply me! :)
    Inspiration: Tylerisblod and Madworld. They are two very famous guys on stardoll and they have a modeling career which I was always dreaming of. Their projects and their style really inspire me.
    Why you want to model for SFC:
    Because i love modeling. And why not take a male model? I am unique and I wanna inspire others.

  20. Real name: Tish Angala
    Stardoll name: StarTishthe2nd
    Age: 10
    Experience: I've signed up in some Model clubs, Junior Models & Mary's Models. I also own my own competition.
    Your personal style: Unique & casual.
    Inspiration: Alexander McQueen & Lady GaGa. I love their oufits.
    Why you want to model for SFC: I REALLY like modelling. It might be kind of shocking for people to see an unknown person, so yeah. :)

  21. Real name:Lucila Forges
    Stardoll name: Lulita-15
    Age: 19
    -NCG (Idk if that counts)
    -LModels' manager
    -Member of exclusive modelling clubs
    -Modelesque member
    Your personal style:
    I like the minimalist style, and add a touch of color which would make it stunning.
    Katy Perry, Kesha, Lad Gaga, McQueen
    Why you want to model for SFC:
    Because it will make me grow on modelling industry, and I'll be a new face, who anybody saw before in any other project, so it will be great!

    Luli xx

  22. Real name: Rheana Gray
    Stardoll name:Rheana1997
    Experience:(RL) I modeled for 2 years @ lilly pulitzer, Ive done ads for Kohls, Bergdorf Goodmans, Macys, vera bradley Nordstroms, The Gap, & Ralph Lauren (Kids). (This is all from when i was a kid now i mainly just do low budget movies, plays, & commercials) (I also sitemodel if that concerns you)
    Your personal style: Preppy, Grunge, Boho, Hipster, Quirky, & Edgy
    Inspiration: Karl Lagerfeld & Alexander McQueen
    Why you want to model for SFC: It'll get me started more online...

  23. Real name: Lucy, although my middle name is Karolina and i use it sometimes.
    Stardoll name: lovinjudas
    Age: 12
    Experience: I model for my own blog, but i have/am being considered for others, such as the stardoll's voice!
    Your personal style: I am original, but if i see a style i want to try, i will! I am also not afraid to change how i look dramatically, but i do have a theme i dress to.
    Inspiration: Lady Gaga, and some Stardoll collections.
    Why you want to model for SFC: I would love to be a model for a blog, just to show that people who are new to Stardoll can be just as good as the people with more experience, and a bigger friend list!

    Kisses, Lucy